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A New or Upgraded Website

We can build you way more than a website! We build modern lead generation machines that work 24/7 bringing in new customers and help connect with current customers.

Our sites are based on a very flexible platform that makes it totally yours. The theme allows you to customize many areas simply and add new content yourself without high ongoing fees.

Our small business jumpstart package includes a site and 1 yr of full-service hosting for less than $1500.

If you need a totally custom design we’ll work closely with you to design optimize your site to meet your goals. Affer completion we don’t leave you hanging. We continue to host and monitor your site for optimum performance while consulting on getting you the best return on your investment.

Digital Marketing Services

Onsite SEO Optimization
Google, Bing and Yahoo have become the new ‘Yellow Pages’. Your potential customers are increasingly reaching for their mouse or smartphone when looking for a product or service provider.

Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t look past page one when looking at search results. Is your business there?
If not, you’re missing out. Let us help develop an SEO and traffic plan that brings you more leads. We’ll look over the site structure and current status and deliver a firm plan to optimize your site for search engines.

Website Speed Optimization

Google now factors in site speed in it’s rankings and users are more impatient than ever. Also, a large percentage of your users are probably accessing your site from a mobile device, many times over a slow mobile or wifi connection.
Optimizing your site performance:

  • Improves your visitor experience
  • Can possibly help search rankings
  • Allows it to scale to more users as traffic grows
  • Reduces random errors and lockups on your site
  • Makes you thinner and better looking (Ok maybe that’s a stretch, but hey, it can’t hurt.)

Conversion Optimization

We can add features to your site and offer suggestions to get more

  • Email signups
  • Lead Captures
  • Ecommerce Sales

Google & Facebook Advertising Monthly Service

  • Audience Targeting
  • Ad and Campaign creation
  • Ongoing support, monitoring and reporting
Membership/Training/Ecommerce sites

We are experts in helping you bring your knowledge and products to the world.

From world-class websites to advertising and online marketing funnels, we can help bring your dream to life.

Custom Software Development

Let us put nearly two decades of experience to work building your custom web application. Past projects in manufacturing include:

  • Safety program management and reporting
  • Quality Management and root cause analysis
  • Automation and and data collection for production lines
  • HR and attendance management
  • Lockout/Tagout program management

We work in .NET, PHP & Javascript

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We’re in the process of packaging our offerings.

In the meantime, we’d love to work with you so please take a moment and contact us today.