JKW Real Estate Site


Site Address: http://quincyrealestatepro.com/


Even though this site looks like a pretty straightforward local real estate site, there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

In addition to information and real estate listings, this site offers an agent training area, a vip membership area and innovative marketing options. Marketing features include integration that allows buyers to get links directly to property listings buy simply texting a code while viewing the property as well as full integration with the business Facebook Page.

Here’s more detail:

  • Property listings include a single-property webpage for each listing
  • Property listings can be texted out to interested buyers from the yard sign
  • Facebook posts from the business page show up on the home page of the site. This allows instant updates of the site with zero additional effort
  • Private training area. To provide the best customer experience, employees and agent need training. The private area allows them to log in an complete training modules on their own schedule. This area also tracks participation to verify completion.

All site maintenance is handled automatically by us. this service includes plugin upgrades and security monitoring.