Full Service Hosting

Peace of mind knowing that we handle all the ‘dirty work’ and you focus on your business.

High Availability

Your site is hosted across at least three servers in two different datacenters for automatic failover in the event of server failure or datacenter outages.

Easy to Use Dashboard

Your account is managed from a user-friendly dashboard with access to phpMyAdmin, file browsing, DNS config and more.

SSH Access

Each account includes SSH access to your sites, allowing custom configuration of php.ini, .htaccess and more.


24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring

We have multiple sensors inside and outside our network monitoring performance and uptime.  In addition, our network is designed to be self-healing and most of the time our infrastructure will handle outages with no noticeable effect on your site.

Continuous Backups

Each site is backed up locally on every change, up to every 10 minutes. We then replicate those changes to two additional servers automatically – one in the same datacenter and one in a different datacenter. You can access these snapshots and restore any one of them from your account dashboard.

Simple Recovery

Roll back any website change from our easy to use dashboard. You can even browse the file system and database backups and export previous db versions from our custom phpMyAdmin console.


Secure SSL for Your site

You can secure your site with a single SSL certificate even though it ‘floats’ between servers using our SSL SNI support. No dedicated IP address is required. Get more information on SSL  SNI  here.

Most plans include annual SSL certificate.

Free Migration Assistance

We’re here to help. If you would like assistance moving your site to our platform just contact support and we’ll get right on it.

No Lock-In

Your site and data are always yours. If we fail to live up to your expectations, we’ll try to make it right.  If our platform no longer meets your needs, we’re here to help you by making suggestions on alternatives and help make a smooth transition.

Select Your Plan:

All annual plans receive two months free!


* Don’t need full-service with updates ? Check out our ‘agency’ plans that offer ‘hosting only’ and bulk plans.